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1.      Bu Tee Kyaw          [$6.00]

Burmese fried squash with house special sauce

2.      Vegetarian Samusa           [$6.00]

5 pieces of hand wrapped Burmese ravioli; filled with curry, spices, potatoes, and, onion; served with house special sauce

3.      Fried Tofu          [$6.00]

Homemade tofu with house special sauce

4.      Tea Leaf Salad          [$8.50]

Salad prepared with imported Burmese tea leaves, cabbage, tomatoes, dried grounded shrimp, sesame seeds, fried garlic, peanuts, yellow and green split peas; can be served vegetarian

5.      Ginger Salad         [$8.50]

Salad prepared with pickled ginger, dried grounded shrimp, fried garlic, peanuts, yellow and green split peas; can be served vegetarian

6.      Tofu Salad        [$7.95]

Homemade Burmese style tofu; mixed with onion, fried onion, fresh lemon leaf, dried grounded shrimp, tamarind dressing; can be served vegetarian

7.      Fried Shrimp Cake Salad          [$7.95]

Salad prepared with crispy jumbo shrimp, crispy bean sprout, cabbage, shredded cucumber with house special dressing

8.      Vegetarian Samusa Soup

Soup made of yellow base, broken samosa, baya kyaw, lentil, onions

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9.      Burmese Style Papaya Salad          [$7.95]

Fresh shredded green papaya, sun-dried baby shrimp, onion , garlic chips, peanut, and special lemon dressing; can be served vegetarian

10.  Mango Salad           [$7.95]

Sweet and sour mango slices, shredded cucumber, onion, garlic chips, dried grounded shrimp, roasted red pepper flake, cilantro, and house special dressing

11.  Traditional Burmese Pickled Shrimp Salad         [$7.95]

Pickled shrimp mixed with fresh, onion, cilantro, garlic, and green chili

12.  Ponyegyi Salad          [$7.95]

Traditional imported soy bean paste salad with fresh onion, garlic and grounded shrimp

13.  Authentic Burmese Pickled Mango Salad          [$7.95]

Pickled mango salad with onion, cilantro, sesame seed, fired onion, fresh chili, and garlic

14.  Fish Cake Salad          [$7.95]

Salad prepared with Burmese style spiced fish cake, shredded cabbage, onion, crispy garlic chips, cilantro with lime dressings

15.  Burmese Style Chicken or Pork Salad          [$7.95]

Chicken or pork salad mixed with fresh onion, cabbage, cucumber, chilies, and limes

16.  Traditional Burmese Fish Paste Salad         [$7.95]

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 Noodle Salad

17.  Noodle Salad          [Reg: $7.95; Large: $8.95]

Wheat flour, noodles toassed with cucumbers, potatoes, tamarind sauce, dried shrimp, cabbage, and garlic chips

18.  Nan Gyi Tote          [Reg: $7.95; Large: $8.95]

Extra-large rice stick noodle with special spiced chicken, yellow split pea powder, onion, and bean sprout

19.  Nan Pya Tote          [Reg: $7.95; Large: $8.95]

Extra-large egg flat noodle with special spiced chicken, yellow split pea powder, onion, and bean sprout

20.  Rainbow Salad          [Reg: $7.95; Large: $8.95]

Salad prepared with three types of noodles, green papaya, tofu, onions cabbage, dried grounded shrimp (or vegetables), ellow split peas powder, and tamarind dressing

21.  Mandalay Myee Shay         [Reg: $7.95; Large $8.95]

Extra-large rice stick noodle with pork and pickled mustard leaf

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22.  Garlic Noodle/ Garlic Rice Stick Noddle         [$7.95]

Garlic noodle with fried garlic, scallions, and chicken or BBQ pork

23.  Fried Rice Noodle with Chicken or Pork        [$7.95]

24.  Fried Egg Noodle with Chicken or Pork          [$7.95]

25.  Pun Thay Noodle       [$9.50]

Fried noodle cooked with chicken curry, coconut milk, homemade spice, tossed with fresh onion, cabbage, cilantro, and fresh line dressing

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Noodle Soup


26.  Mandalay Kyar Zan Ghat          [$7.95]

Burmese style thin chicken soup with bean thread noodle, mushrooms, dried tofu served with cilantro and lime)

27.  Moh Hinga (Catfish Chowder)         [$7.95]

Burmese style fish chowder with rice noodle, lemongrass, ginger, onion, and garlic

28.  Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup         [$7.95]

Burmese style coconut chicken soup with egg noodle, served with cilantro, eggs, and lemons

29.  Kyae Oh  [ေျကးအိုး]        [$8.95]

Slow cooked pork stew, pork liver, meat ball with Chinese mustard and chives

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Chicken and Pork Curry


30.  Chicken Curry with Potatoes        [$7.95]

31.  Chicken Kebab         [$8.95]

Stir fried chicken with onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and mint leaves

32.  Mango Chicken        [$8.95]

Stir fried chicken with fresh mangoes, onions, and green chilies

33.  Burmese Style BBQ Chicken        [$8.95]

Marinated with yogurt, cumin, homemade spice, and coconut milk

34.  Chicken Liver and Gizzard Curry          [$7.95]

35.  Egg Curry         [$7.95]

Hard-boiled egg cooked with okra in tomato sauce

36.  Roasted Pork Curry       [$7.95]

37.  Pork Curry with Pickled Mango          [$8.95]

Pork curry cooked with sour leaves

38.  Pork Curry with Chin Baung         [$8.59]

Pork curry cooked with sour leaves

39.  Pork Curry with Sour Bamboo Shoot        [$8.95]

40.  Pork Curry with Soy Beans Pasted        [$8.85]

41.  Spicy Fried Pork Cooked with Roasted Chilies       [$8.95]

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Beef, Lamb, and Mutton


42.  Burmese Style Curry (Beef or Lamb)        [$8.95]

Marinated beef or lamb with house spices slow-cooked with tomato, onions, garlic, ginger, and chilies

43.  Beef or Lamb Kebab        [$9.50]

Stir fried meat with onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and mint leaves

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Sea Food


44.  Spicy Fish          [$7.95]

Deep fried cat fish fillet with onion, garlic, and chilies

45.  Fish Curry         [$7.95]

46.  Fish Cake Curry          [$7.95]

47.  Spicy and Crispy Shrimp         [$8.99]

48.  Prawn Curry          [$8.99]

49.  Shrimp Kebab          [$8.99]

Wok-tossed shrimp with onion, tomatoes, green chilies, and mint leaves

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50.  Vegetable Deluxe       [$7.95]

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage carrot, string beans

51.  Fresh Season Vegetable Fried         [$7.95]

Fresh green water crest or Chinese broccoli stir fried with fresh garlic

52.  Fried Dried String Beans          [$7.95]

53.  Tofu Curry        [$7.95]

Soy tofu cooked with okra, potatoes, and tomato sauce

54.  Chin Baung Jaw          [$7.95]

Burmese style sour vegetables sautéed with green chili, chopped shrimp and Bamboo shots

55.  Roasted Eggpland Curry with Dried Ground Shrimp          [$7.95]

56.  Okra Curry          [$7.95]

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Rice and Side Dish


57.  Tea Leaves Rice         [$5.00]

58.  Coconut Rice           [$3.00]

59.  Biriani Rice           [$3.00]

Basmati rice cooked with saffron cardamom, cinnamon, raisins, and cashew nuts

60.  Jasmine Rice           [$1.50]

61.   Butter Rice with Chana Dahl or Raisins and Green Beans         [$3.00]

62.   Palata (Pan Fried Layer Bread         [$3.00]

63.   Fried Egg         [$3.00]

64.   Salted Fish Sauce and Vegetables          [$6.50]

65.   Fried Grounded Shrimp with Crisp Onion and Garlic (Balachang)          [$7.95]

66.   Soup of the Day         [$5.00]

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House Special


67.  Chicken Biriani          [$10.50]

Basmati rice cooked with saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, raisins, nuts, and chicken

68.  Palata and Chicken Curry           [$9.50]

Pan Fried Layer Bread

69.   Kemar Palata         [$9.50]

Spiced beef or chicken wrapped with layered bread

70.  Palata and Fried Soy Bean Paste          [$7.95]

71.  Steam Rice with Soy Bean and Egg          [$7.95]

72.   Fried Rice with Soy Bean and Egg         [$7.95]

73.   Pork Intestines, Tongue, and Heart         [$7.95]

Slow cooked pork delicacy

74.  Fried Rice with Special Salted Dried Fish        [$7.95]

75.   Fried Rice with Chicken or Pork         [$7.95]

76.   HtaMin Pown          [$8.95]

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Lunch Special (11:30 AM to 3:00 PM on WEEKDAYS)


77.  Rice and Curry Set Plate         [$9.50]

Chicken, pork, or fish and soup of the day

78.  Rice and Curry Set Plate         [$10.50]

Beef or Lamb Curry and soup of the day

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79.  Shwe Kyi         [$5.00]

Traditional Burmese desert: made with cream of wheat, coconut milk, raisin, and poppy seed

80.  Moh Se Kyaw        [$5.00]

Burmese fried crispy desert, made of rice flour, peanuts, sesame seed, and shredded coconut

81.  Fried Banana and Ice-Cream        [$6.00]

82.  Mango Pudding        [$5.00]

83.   Faluda         [$4.50]

Jello, tapioca, pudding, vanilla ice-cream, and milk with rose syrup

84.  Shwe Yin Aye        [$4.50]

Traditional desert made with coconut milk, jello, tapioca, sweet rice, and moklasung

85.  Shaved Ice Salad         [$4.50]

Shaved ice mixed with durian jam, pineapple jam, dried sweet pumpkin, red bean, grass jelly, condensed milk, light syrup, and sprinkled with roasted peanuts

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86.  Yogurt Drink      [$3.95]

87.  Cream Soda Milk       [$3.50]

88.  Fresh Coconut Juice       [$4.50]

89.   Lychee Drink       [$3.99]

90.   Pineapple Drink       [$3.99]

91.   Fresh Lime Juice       [$3.99]

92.   Fresh Orange Juice        [$3.00]

93.  Grass Jelly Drink      [$2.50]

94.   Milk Tea        [$1.50]

Black Tea with Milk

95.  Soda        [$1.50]

96.  Water       [$1.50]

97.   Martinellis Sparkling Apple Juice        [$2.50]

98.   Tropicana Orange Juice         [$2.50]

99.   Beer        [$3.50]

100.                      Wine       [$5.00]

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