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  1.    Palata and Fried Soy Bean Paste          [$5.99]

2.      Bu Tee Kyaw          [$5.00]

Burmese fried squash with house special sauce

3.      Vegetarian Samusa           [$5.00]

Hand wrapped Burmese ravioli; filled with curry, spices, potatoes, and, onion; served with house special sauce

4.      Fried Tofu          [$5.00]

Homemade tofu made from Chana dahl with house special sauce

5.   Ginger Salad         [$8.50]

Salad prepared with pickled ginger, lime, split yellow peas powder, dried grounded shrimp, fried garlic, peanuts, yellow and green split peas; (can be served vegetarian)

6.      Tea Leaf Salad          [$8.50]

Salad prepared with imported Burmese tea leaves, lime, cabbage, tomatoes, dried grounded shrimp (or Vegetarian), sesame seeds, fried garlic, peanuts, yellow and green split peas; (can be served vegetarian)

 7.      Tofu Salad        [$6.99]

Homemade Burmese style tofu; (made from Chana dahl), mixed with onion, fried onion, fresh lemon leaf, dried grounded shrimp, tamarind dressing; (can be served vegetarian)

8.      Fried Shrimp Cake Salad          [$7.99]

Salad prepared with crispy jumbo shrimp, crispy bean sprout, cabbage, shredded cucumber, cilantro with house special dressing


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 Cold Noodle

9.  Shwe Taung Kauk Swal           [ $6.99 ]

Egg noodles, coconut milk, chicken, crispy fired noodle

 10. Shan Kauk Swal          [ $6.99 ]

Rice stick noodles with chicken, tomato paste, peanuts, sesame seeds, green onions, fried garlic

11. Myee Shay        [ $6.99 ]

Extra-large rice stick noodle with pork, bean sprout, soy bean sauce and pickled mustard leaf

12. Rainbow Salad        [ $6.99 ]

Salad prepared with  rice noodles, egg noodles, potato, green papaya, tofu, onions cabbage, cucumber, dried grounded shrimp (or vegetables), yellow split peas powder, and tamarind dressing

13.  Noodle Salad        [ $6.99 ]

Egg noodle tossed with cucumber, tamarind dressing, dried ground shrimp, cabbage, onion and garlic chips

14.  Nan Gyi Tote       [ $6.99 ]

Extra-large rice stick noodle with special spiced chicken, yellow split pea powder, onion and hard boiled egg

15.  Nan Pya Tote          [ $ 6.99]

Extra-large egg flat noodle with special spiced chicken, yellow split pea powder, onion, and bean sprout

16.  Garlic Noodle        [ $6.99 ]

Wonton Noodle or Rice Stick Noodle with fried garlic, green onions, and Chicken or BBQ Pork

 17. Kyae Oh Sejat        [ $7.99 ]

Rice noodle or flat rice noodle, pork intestine, pork stomach, meat ball with Chinese mustard and chives

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Noodle Soup

  1. Ohn Noe Kauk Swal (Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup)         [$6.99]

Burmese style coconut chicken soup with egg noodle, hard-boiled egg and crispy fried noodles

  1. Moh Hinga (Catfish Chowder)         [$6.99]

     Burmese style fish chowder with rice noodle, lemongrass, ginger, onion, and garlic

  1. Rakhine Moh Ti          [$6.99]

Rice stick noodle with cat-fish soup, garlic, fish-paste, galangal, black pepper

  1. Kaw Yae Kauk Swe             [7.99]

     Wonton noodle with tapioca starch soup, pork, mushroom,  sprouts 

  1. Kyae Oh            [$7.99]

     Rice stick noodle or flat rice noodle, pork intestine, pork stomach, meat ball, Chinese mustard, chives and Chicken or Pork

  1. Myay Oh Mee Shay         [$7.99]

       Extra large rice noodle with pork or chicken soup, soybean sauce and vegetable

  1. Kyar Zan Ghat          [$6.99]

Burmese style glass noodle with chicken soup, mushrooms, dried tofu and dried flowers

  1. Vegetarian Samusa Soup         [$7.99]

        Soup made of yellow base, broken samusa, baya kyaw, lentil, onion and mint

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Fried Noodles

  26.  Fried Noodle          [$6.99]

                Rice noodle or wheat noodle with choice of meat or vegetarian

 27. Pun Thae Noodle         [$6.99] 

 Wheat noodle with chicken or shrimp or vegetarian, coconut milk, spice, cabbage, onion and tomatoe

 28. Cut Kyae Kite       [$6.99]

Flat rice fried noodle with choice of meat or vegetarian, soy bean, bean sprouts

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House Special


    29.  Tea Leaves Rice with Egg         [$6.99]

    30. Fried Rice with Soy Bean and Egg          [$6.99]

    31.  Chicken Biryani         [$9.99]

     Basmati rice cooked with saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, raisins, nuts, and chicken

    32.  Chicken Curry         [$7.99]

    With Rice or Palata

    33.  Spicy Fish or Shrimp          [$8.99]

          With choice of Rice or Palata

    34.  Mango Chicken          [$7.99]

  With choice of Rice or Palata

    35.  Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli         [$5.99]

  With choice of Meat – extra 1.00 $

    36.  Fried String Bean         [$5.99]

  With choice of Meat – extra 1.00 $

    37.  Wat Thar Doke Htoe        [$6.99]

With slow cooked pork, pork intestine, tongue and ear

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Rice and Side Dish

38.  Rice                  [$1.50]

39. Coconut Rice    [$2.50]

40. Biryani Rice      [$2.50]

 41.  Palata (Pan Fried Layered Bread)      [$2.50]

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42.  Beer       [$3.50]

43.  Red Wine / White Wine       [$5.00]

44.  Avocado Milk Shake       [$3.50]

45.  Strawberry Milk Shake   [$3.50]

46.  Fresh Orange Juice       [$3.50]

47.  Faluda (Gelatin, tapioca, pudding, vanilla ice-cream and milk with rose syrup)        [$3.50]

48. Fresh Coconut Juice  [$3.50]

49.  Soda      [$1.50]

50. Burmese Iced Milk Tea   [$3.50]

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